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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 9th 2009, 19:35

I don't know if anyone else got this email from fledgling, but I will post it none the less!

Email text:
To me this is tragic!! The largest games ever held in Colorado have been the Fledgling Scenarios. Well, I guess we have to make this our best one since it is the last. Guy, The following message is from Jim:

A couple updates. We have the air worked out, and there will be plenty of HPA, I will not promise 5000 psi fills, and I know a few players have 5K bottles, but full 4500 fills will not be a problem.

Another change, our Game Coordinator for this game is none other than Brent "Preacher" Johnson of Team Evil, Inc... Working with Preacher is great. When we were talking about part of the game and I asked him how are we going to balance (I can't tell you, but you will find out) and he came up with the balance in 2 seconds, and a good balance and not some sloped together BS answer that is so common in paintball.

Parts of this game are different from any other game we've done. First, usually everyone knows where the Final Battle is going to be, and we've had some GREAT Final Battles! But at this game there are TWO ways on and off planet, the Transporter that the Horde brought, and the Stargate, which the colonist brought.

This will NOT be a winner take all Final Battle, points awarded for players that manage to transport off planet. Which method, it depends on which one you can operate. Yes, there will be shield walls, and tanks, and more NERFs.

And there is a little bonus, with Fledgling Scenarios bringing our operations to an end, we've gathered some things that we don't need. And frankly, looking at cans of pyro in my storage shed has Regina asking me to get rid of some of it.

So, I am putting together a couple gift packs for the first teams to register at either game. The first couple teams to pre-reg will receive a thank you box of assorted toys.

Yes, we are doing a final game, in Oklahoma City at Le's field, I-40 Paintball. The Stalag 13 game. Since Richard Dawson (Newkirk on Hogan's
Hero's) went on to host Family Feud, we are going to have Stalag Feud, in the middle of the game. The date has been pushed back to sometime in November because we had accidently scheduled on top of another scenario.

This will be the last Fledgling game in Colorado. There are many reasons, our lease on the field is finished after this game, and because of working paintball, I never get to play paintball. I want out of working paintball ever again, I won't General, I won't ref... I just want to take my old Autocockers and get out on the field and run missions. The last game I played, the last Texas Throwdown, I was taped as pilot, it was one of the most fun games I've ever played.

There are more reasons, (like I started back to college to finish my BS in Secondary Education, and that takes a lot of time), but we are finishing this year and closing shop.

After Stalag 13, any reasonable offer for trailer, radios, pyro, and the multitude of gear we've accumulated will be accepted. I will even assist with giving pointers, my contacts with various people in the industry, etc... I WOULD like for someone to continue bringing scenarios to Colorado, because I want to play scenarios in CO.

Battle for Genesis Prime will bring together everything we've learned, it will be a little more complex than Eragon, but not much. The dynamics will be different, this will be a little more military (afterall, the Stargate teams are military), a little more sci-fi and less fantasy, and we're going to have a few more bells and whistles.

Some players have already told me that they cannot play this game. We ALWAYS need refs. Last game we were promised 20 refs, and got 5.

The 5 refs did a great job, but that is not the way we like to run a game.
If any of the experienced scenario players wish to ref, contact me. We really need about 10 to 15 refs. I've cover all the details when I hear from interested refs.

As Fledgling has evolved over the years, this is the best crew we've ever had. Le is one of the best Refs I've seen, Preacher fits in well with the crew, has been playing paintball since the game started, and his imagination, well they DO call the team Evil, Inc. Travis has been our web master for several years, and along with Jamar and Rebeka, who also work on the web site and Jamar and Rebeka do all of the art, have done a first rate job. Terry from Omega 1 first put the web site together, and the work was both professional and we were in a bind at the time it was done. Dana, I could write a long paragraph about Dana, but she has been irreplaceable, and my opinion, she is the brightest of the Fledgling crew.

So the crew is back for 2 more games. Beyond that, it is a blank slate. I know Le, Dana, and I are retiring. These are games that if you miss, there will not be another later to attend.

Thanks for the years of support.

Jim "Hangernaid" Helton


Lord Cuppy Tutu Quote: "I love how turds and blue balls comes up in a conversation about fixing cars"

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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 9th 2009, 21:42

oh **** this blows! our biggest scenario event is gone
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Team Nemesis

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 9th 2009, 23:54

This is a sad sad day Sad I will surely miss these games, but hopefully this will inspire a new generation of an amazing scenario series. WE NEED A BIG SCENARIO IN COLORADO
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 10th 2009, 08:48

I got the e mail as well, this sucks but the Sept game should be awesome. I hope we can get the whole team together for this.

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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 10th 2009, 11:18

YEP definately SUX!! hope we can draw another big scenario producer here.
You guys know which side your gonna play for yet??
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Lord Cuppy TuTu

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 11th 2009, 08:33

Well there is an 80% chance i will be up for this one. I am trying to get a few days off from work so i can drive or fly up for this game. I do not want to miss the last game ever. Lets try to get everyone on the team at this one and any prospects.


Originally posted by Bronx: I just realized after learning all this stuff about LCT, that we are soul mates.
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Team Nemesis

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 12th 2009, 18:01

This is a huge bummer. Wish I could have played more of the games there. I'll definitely be at the game.
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Team Nemesis

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 14th 2009, 13:14

I will be there, sadly I don't think I will be able to get the launcher like I wanted for us on this one. Money is kind of tight right now.
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 14th 2009, 14:28

I will be there for sure, wouldn't miss this one for anything.

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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT SEPTEMBER FLEDGLING INFO   July 31st 2009, 07:20

What side are yall giong to sign up for? Looks like the Horde is gonna be where it's at.
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