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 Super Mario Bros Wii Review

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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 3rd 2010, 13:02

For my birthday and christmas I got enough best buy cards to get a wii. On Friday I got another gift card and went and got the Super Mario Bros Wii.

For those of you that grew up playing the old school game, this game rocks! It's exactly what you get when you have people that grew up playing Super Mario Briothers 1, 2 and 3, program the new game! There is a whole bunch of new stuff that is pretty cool. All of the enemies dance to the music at points which for some reason I find fricken helarious. Alot of the old stuff is in the game as well. I actually giggled like a little girl when I found a hidden warp in level 1 and the 99 lives trick in level 2! I love this game!

There are 3 different multiplayer modes:
Normal Game Play: You go through just like you were playing solo but there can be up to 4 players simultaniously. It kinda sucks if one person goes too fast or gets too far ahead of the rest because it'll trap you in spots or push you down a whole. It's meant to be worked as a teeam not against each other.

Free for all:
This mode is just like the previous one but you get to pick a single level to run.

Coin Challenge:
In this one you get to pick a level and it's a head on battle to see who gets the most coins! This one it pays to screw everyone else!

I give this game 1.5 beers! Partly for the nestalgia feel to it and partly because it really is a fun game!

(If you don't know the beer scale you haven't been supporting our team mate (LCT) and his podcast!) In short it is based off of how many beers on a scale from 0-5 would it take for you to hit that chick at the bar!


Lord Cuppy Tutu Quote: "I love how turds and blue balls comes up in a conversation about fixing cars"

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Lord Cuppy TuTu
Lord Cuppy TuTu

PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 3rd 2010, 22:03

Glad to see you use the beer scale to rate this but i must make a correction.

The beer scale works as follows.

0- Awesome/A 10 on the hot chick meter it would take no beers/shots to tap that butt.
3-Average/A 5 on the chick meter. You should understand by now.
6-Really Bad/A 1 on the chick meter you would rather cut your own johnson off rather than tap'n that butt.

I cant wait to try this game out. I tried to get it for Austin but it was all sold out. I will be picking it up soon though for when he gets back out here.

In other news the show will be returning this week so check it out if you haven't done so already and tell your friends as well.

Glad to see you have something to entertain yourself with Donnie. Now finish my moms website you slacker. Smile


Originally posted by Bronx: I just realized after learning all this stuff about LCT, that we are soul mates.
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 4th 2010, 00:30

Ok I know what my next game is going to be, sounds awesome.

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Team Nemesis

PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 4th 2010, 19:49

This game has been extremely hard to keep in stock at work (Best Buy). I've been thinking about getting it, but we can't even keep them in stock for us to buy, lol. But we do have it set up in our break room Very Happy, it's extremely fun!
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 5th 2010, 09:01

I was looking for it the other day and everybody was sold out as well... sigh I'll just have to wait till everybody is done spending all their holiday gift cards (which I didn't get any *pout*) to buy one. Oh well I have a lot of new tools for my wood shop to cut off some fingers with, I'll be sure to keep my trigger finger and my thumbs to play this game when I can finally get it What a Face

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PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   January 6th 2010, 13:50

i havent played mario for a while sounds fun
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PostSubject: Re: Super Mario Bros Wii Review   

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Super Mario Bros Wii Review
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