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 New to CO, looking for games

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PostSubject: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 19:15

Hey there Pirates,

I am new to CO, but I have been a long playing paintball player. I am looking for cool peeps to hang with, play paintball with, and looking for great Scenario games.

I live in Arvada, and I typically play Scenario/Milsim styled games. I have played many large events, like OkDday, Decay of Nations, and the OREGON SuperGame.

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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 19:36

DMS Scenario does 2 scenarios a year in Bennet, CO. Other than that there aren't any other scenario style games in CO that I know of. However, the best paintball feild in Colorado is Blitz which is in Dacono (about 30 miles north of you). Blitz has just opened in a new location which is a significant improvement over their old location. They have several excellent scenario style fields. I'm there most every weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 19:49

The guys at Hustle have told me alot about Blitz, and I actually had intentions of playing there yesterday, except I had some bills that needed to be dealt with. I have also seen the Threads on PbNation about it. However, PbNation, doesnt really advertise, or mention much about scenario play, nor much about any thing outside of Speedball/Hyperball. I know that the PbNation audience, isnt as attuned to Scenario play, as other sites might be, so here I am. Do you know if Blitz plans on hosting any Larger Scenario styled games? From the photos that I have seen, they dont seem to be set up to handle all day long games, (but I could be wrong).

Thanks for the info, regardless. I really appreciate all the info that I have found thus far.
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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 20:29

Blitz could do large scenario games if they wanted, but they tend to cater to regular paint ballers more than scenario players. The new location has quite a lot of room and could easily hold 300 or more people on the main recball field.

Google for Tunka. They do a variety of woodsball games every year in the Boulder area. I haven't played with Tunka in several years, but they typically had 60+ people show up for an event. The games are low key and generally fun.
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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 20:33

i goggled tunka, and that is what brought me here. I found you this site, under their "team" sections. The only thing is, I do try to avoid alot of the Outlaw Ball games. I will attend them, but only if I know everyone is shooting legal speeds, and sportsmanship must be held at highest regards. I was hoping to find more Commercialized Scenario Games.
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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 7th 2013, 21:29

Tunka and outlaw don't really belong in the same sentence. They set legit speeds and there are always people with chrono's to make sure people aren't shooting hot. I'm not going to say that everyone is an absolute perfect angel all the time and that no one ever wipes, but the Tunka crowd is usually pretty much a stand up crowd that doesn't put up with bad attitudes and cheaters. DMS Scenario is pretty much the option around here and they have a big game in May (I think). For regular play, go to Blitz.
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 8th 2013, 08:49

Welcome to the site KillaDaddyofTwo, rkenders is right about the only bigger scenario event in CO comes from DMS Scenario though the field that they play at up in Kiowa Creek in Bennette does do some smaller scenarios throughout the year. DMS's first game is on May 18-19 and its "Band of Brothers", it should be a great game.

They used to hold 3 games in a year but I think they have kicked it down to 2, but we may get lucky and get 3 out of them again. We have links to most teams, or sites on our front page if you're looking to find some games going.

I would totally agree with rkenders again about Tunka, they are some stand up guys that play and are very much safety and fair play oriented in their games. Another team that will host some games from time to time is Shadow Company; they usually promote them through Tunka's site when they do, I know they hosted a game based off of the Firefly series a couple years ago that got some good reviews from teams.

We will be playing the Band of Brothers game for sure, you are always welcome to come hang with us if you like, we'll be posting what side we are going on probably around March time frame.

Blitz is a rocken field, I highly recommend it, I haven't been to their new site but I've heard good things.

Hope to see more of you around, if your curious about our team or have any general questions please feel free to pm either me, Wego or Beaver we all co-captain the team.

See you on the field, even if you don't run with us make sure you stop by our camp and introduce yourself.

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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 8th 2013, 18:18

Thanks Torrant,

I must take a moment to commend you guys on how wonderful it is to see how Charitable Nemesis is. My former team, also has local Charities as a very important Part of who we were. I am hoping to not have to wait until BoB, to play good scenario ball, and also hoping to not have to wait that long to meet you guys. I have played outlaw ball, but with outlaw balls comes some unsafe practices, alot of down time due to bs-ing, and no structure. However, I have seen some outlaw games ran very well, and it is absolutely awesome when it works like that.

I do carry my own pocket chrono, and I do believe in cleaning up an area, and leaving it cleaner then when we got there. Fairplay, and sportsmanship is Paramount.

I dont know for sure if I can make BoB, as I know I will be flying back to Oregon, for the Oregon Supergame one weekend before hand. (if you havent played the OR SG, I highly recommend it).

Do you guys have marker styles that you prefer to stay with? Or is it basically a hodgepodge of what each person likes to use? How tactical do you guys like to be?
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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 9th 2013, 08:52

I would say we are more hodgepodge in some regards, mainly we believe that a person should be allowed to use equipment that they are comfortable with, can afford and fits them best. Our basic goal is if you're on the team you should have our team jersey, if your a prospect we don't expect you to put money towards things like that but if you could wear the team colors of black white and red then its better (mainly for identification on the field).

Our markers vary from person to person, some prefer the feel of mechanical guns like Tippmanns or BC and others prefer the electro markers.

As for tactics, we keep it pretty basic, mainly because we have different skill levels on the team and we want to make sure that the whole team works together, not just those who can keep up and those who can't. We use the basic front, mid and back players so those who like to run can get up and mix it up in the front while those in mid and back can support.

As you know in scenario games its not always easy to stay with your team, if they are on the other side of the field and you get shot out, the walk back and wait at dead box can be hard to keep you with the team. We use radios as best we can, and our team runs a lot of missions so we try and hang back to work with our Generals for the games.

Our team is best known for 2 things, holding the line, and running missions. We're always the team who is yelling at the stragglers on the front line to move up, and encouraging them to advance the line while in communication with that Generals to tell them whats going on, on the field. We run a lot of missions too, we understand that in scenario you don't win the game by just shooting people, you win the game by getting points for missions so we stay available as much as possible to run those as needed. This doesn't always lend itself to a lot of firefights but we like the challenge of completing missions.

We are a very laid back team, but we believe strongly in the "brotherhood" of being on the team, we care more about all of us meshing well as a team than we do about the skill level of individual team members. Our main goal is to play fair, with sportsmanship and honor. We feel that people who cheat or try and do things to get an advantage over someone else at the possible cost to safety are not players we want to associate with.

We hope we get a chance to meet you sometime soon too, in the off season its a bit tougher since a lot of our team mates work odd hours so its not always easy to get together except for big games where we can plan it in advance.

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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 9th 2013, 09:08

Which radios do you guys use? UHF? Gmrs? (I use TriSquare) Your comradery sounds very similar feel to what I have had in the past. Is this "Nemesis" ,the same Nemesis that used to play the SPPL, (OR Sppl in 2009/2010?) I came across those guys back then, and they were good peeps.

I have alot of experience with the tippmanns, and have done just about everything to all of them. Right now I am using a BlackHeart Boarded Sp1, and I am in the Market for a Geo2.1, (because I plan on doing a EMC kit MOD with one, instead of using an Etha). Do you guys run LAWS at all? I have a JCS Rocket Launcher for any Anti Tank, Structure missions. In fact, I just did Decay of Nations in SoCal, and I didnt shoot one paintball, I took tanks out the whole time. Do many of the Scenario games around here allow tanks? Allow Rocket Launchers?

If any of you for see a team practice out at blitz in the near future, please let me know. I would love to come out and meet up with you guys. Like I said in a previous post... I AM DYING to shoot some paintballs!

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Nemesis Post Whore

PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 9th 2013, 16:53

We use GMRS. That must be a different Nemesis team, I know there are a couple out there.

There is usually Tanks involved with most of the DMS games, depending on if they can get 2 to play, which they do usually. We haven't used LAW ourselves mainly because none of us have one, but we have been support for someone with one many many times. I had thoughts of buying one at one point but always seem to find some other toy to buy instead :-)

We don't really have team practices, we primarily are scenario only team, so when we go to Blitz its usually more of who can make it out to play. When we do we usually play as a team on the field, but its more a day of fun than an actual practice. If you're going up, feel free to post the date on our forum and anybody who can make it will go for sure.

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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   January 9th 2013, 22:43

I'm at Blitz every weekend just about. It's mostly been sundays, but recently saturdays. I captain a team (Arson) that plays the local tournaments. We also play recball at Blitz. I don't let guys on the team who have attitudes. Fair play and good sportsmanship matter!

Anyway, ask around for Richard (me). The staff at Blitz all know me as do most of the regular players. You can hang with me and my guys at Blitz any time you want. I'm also part of Nemesis for scenarios. I can tell you Nemesis is a legit team with decent guys that play fair and make sure everyone has a good time.

There's a small scenerio game happening in Colorado Springs at Hooligans Hole in a couple of weeks. Look up the Nemesis facebook page. It's posted up on there and further details will be available soon.

I like straight up mech cockers and electro's. I have several guns and depending on the type of game or what I feel like shooting I go back and forth between them. Personally I think milsim is a waste of time and money. Milsim guns are huge, heavy and horrendous in my opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: New to CO, looking for games   

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New to CO, looking for games
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