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 SOCOM: Operation Brighton Freedom (Private Scenario/Invite Only)

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PostSubject: SOCOM: Operation Brighton Freedom (Private Scenario/Invite Only)   July 20th 2011, 06:18

 Operation Brighton Freedom (Birthday Scenario)

Place: OpsLand Paintball, 164 W. Walnut St, Brighton, Co, 80601
Time: 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Date: August 6th, 2011
Cost: Free/BYOP 

Phase 1- A civil war arises between the Brighton Acknowledgement (OpFor/Terrorist Organization) and Brighton Defense Forces (DefFor/Intermediate Police Force). OpFor have established 2 Base Camps in OpsLand Paintball and strive to establish a 3rd, DefFor attempt to interfere with OpFor's plan of total OpsLand control. DefFor attempt to attack and siege the first OpFor Base Camp.... Meanwhile, the American Allied Forces (AmFor/ U.S. Joint Ground Operations Command) have established an HQ within OpsLand are planning an operation to regain order within OpsLand and eliminate OpFor in OpsLand. AmFor entitle the operation "Brighton Freedom".  1 Hour Time Allotment.  

Phase 2- With the possibility of DefFor not knowing that AmFor is in the area, AmFor is sent in to first establish grounds with DefFor letting them know that AmFor are "Friendlies", and sent in to assist in the take down of OpFor. Once a Coalition is established, AmFor will attempt to infiltrate an OpFor Base Camp in hope to find valuable intelligence on OpFor operations. All this is occurring while DefFor and OpFor continue to conflict against each other. 2 hour time allotment. 

Phase 3- Now that AmFor has discover and retrieved the OpFor intelligence, which states a WMD is located somewhere in OpsLand, AmFor must meet up with DefFor and relay this information to DefFor. Once completed, both DefFor and AmFor will assualt both OpFor Base Camps in an attempt to find the WMD and escort it to AmFor HQ. 2 hour time allotment. 

Phase 4- With the WMD out of OpsLand, DefFor is trained by AmFor  in proper military installments and police security. DefFor is told to hold up at AmFor HQ for 30-45 minutes to gather themselves. Meanwhile, AmFor move into OpFor Locations in an attempt to shutdown one OpFor Base Camp and overrun it and set up a DefFor HQ in it's place. During the assualt, DefFor joined up with AmFor to assist. When the DefFor HQ is established then AmFor are pulled out of OpsLand, and DefFor is obligated to shutdown the 2nd OpFor Base Camp. 1 hour time allotment

Phase 5- While DefFor  assualt OpFor's final base camp, an Special Forces unit (AmFor) is sent to in to eliminate the OpFor Leader. DefFor is unaware of the Special Forces deployment in the area and consider them "hostiles" as well. So DefFor is attempting to eliminate both AmFor and OpFor, AmFor is commanded to "shoot anything that moves while on the ground", and they take that seriously only when the OpFor Leader is dead is when they can announce themselves as "Friendlies". Then AmFor will extract out of the area, leaving the elimination of OpFor up to DefFor. Mission Accomplished! 1 hour time allotment. 

Each phase will run consecutively, and will be announced over the radio. Extra ammo will be allowed to remain at Base Camps of each Team for in game reload and resupply. After Phase 2 and Phase 4 we will regroup at staging area to Air up if needed and rest and recuperate.  Scenario is based on a simulation of 4 mission types: Civil Affairs, Direct-Action, Foreign Internal Defense, and Counter-Terrorism. We will use Delayed Respawns to lengthen and the scenario. This scenario is based off the War In Iraq! If possible we will add 3 single man Private Contractors, who will operate alone in the first phase combating the OpFor and/or DefFor. At the start of Phase  2, Private Contractors can be bought for a price of 140-rounds (1 pod fill), Private Contractors will be under the Immediate Respawn rule even when contracted, and in order to hire a contractor you must first shoot him then approach him with you Job Offer or Contractor can approach whichever team he wishes to work for (and can get turned downed). So remember, communicate and interact with each other on the battlefield never know who is who. SOCOM ROE will be adhered to!! 


OpFor (up to 10 operators)
DefFor (Up to 5  Operators)
AmFor (Up to 5 operators)
Private Military Contractors (Up to 3 Contactors)

Ultimate Goal of 23 operators! If more, great we will accommodate appropriately. 

This will be a private game, invite only!!! SOCOM Tactical Paintball Team and Nemesis is invited, and any one who recieves this Operations Brief.
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PostSubject: Re: SOCOM: Operation Brighton Freedom (Private Scenario/Invite Only)   July 20th 2011, 06:22

Private Military Contractors for this Scenario will have a MilSim Loadout of 350-rounds (2 140-round pods), if Contractors need more ammo they must acquire jobs. This will be a difficult role to play for some, but it'll be a fun one.

I am upmost excited about this!
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SOCOM: Operation Brighton Freedom (Private Scenario/Invite Only)
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